The subconscios mind will always answer you if you trust it.

Use no willpower. Instead, visualize the desired end and the state of freedom it produses. You will find your intellect trying to get in the way, trying to find ways to solve the problem and impose those ways on your subconscios.

When Imagination and Will are in conflict, your Imagination invariably gains the day.

When the Will and the Imagination are in agreement, one multiplies by the other.

Emile Coue




(Dip. Hyp)



To make our training accessible to as wide a range of participants as possible we offer two types of training format, the part time flexible weekend or the intensive format.

Part time weekend course runs over 10 intermittent weekends spread over 10 months period. It's 125 face to face hours (9.30am - 5pm with 45min lunch break and 2x15 min tea breaks) plus 350 hours home study - involving reading, case histories, writing essays and scripts etc.

The Intensive course runs over three weeks - Monday to Friday.

This is probably one of the best, in depth courses in Clinical Hypnotherapy in Britain. Consisting of a mixture of theory and practice, the course explores all the main aspects of hypnosis - providing a very solid and broad base and techniques including some pychostherapeutic techniques for treating a very wide range of disorders - psychological, emotional and physical. The material is presented simply with a lots of scripts for use. About half the time on each day is spent practising techniques.

The successful completion of the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy would make graduates eligible for Practitioner registration within GHR and the Hypnotherapy Section of the CHNC.


MODULE 1                                                                      

Hystoy of hypnosis. Altered states. The unconscious. The stages of hypnosis. Progressive relaxation. Ego-strengthening. Principles of induction. The voice. Stages of a session. Eye-fixation induction. Law and principles of suggestion. Suggestibility tests. Ocular activity. Permissive / Authoritarian. Individual differences in imagining ability. The nature of Hypnosis. Hypnotic phenomena. Elman's Induction. Deepening. Arm Levitation. Variety of Deepenings. Eye catalepsy. Arm catalepsy. Contra-indications. 5-4-3-2-1 Induction


The art of listening. Pre-Induction interview and establishing rapport between client and therapist. Resistance and how to deal with it. Defences. Erikson's confussional technique. Incorporating distractions. Hand closing induction. Use of Imagery, metaphors, story telling. Erikson's 1-20 induction. Ideo-Motor Signals (I.M.R.). Utilization of Ideo-signals. Deepening staircase method. Abreaction. Direct suggestions. Double induction. Odds and evens induction. Client's detail's form and questionnaire. Stopping smoking script. Weight loss programme. 

MODULE 3                                                                       

Post hypnotic suggestions. Post hypnotic re-inductions. Somnambulism phenomena. Stress management. Medical aspects of hypnosis. Approaches to Pain Management. Communication with pain. Creative Visualization. Manipulation of symptom. The Control Panel method. Correct / Incorrect induction. Hypnosis for children and how to  deal with children. Children's induction. Open-ended suggestions. Self-confidence script. Healing light. Emergency hypnosis. Gestalt therapy and Gestalt Dream work.


MODULE 4                                                                       

General psychology module and areas relevant to hypnotherapy. Jung and Archetypes. Wart cure. Comfortable childbirth. Age regression. False memory. Transference, counter-transference. Conversion, secondary gain. Self-hypnosis. Dealing with habits. Driving - test anxiety script. Parts therapy. Desensitisation and Circle therapy. Pre and after surgery hypnosis.

MODULE 5                                                                     

Hypnotherapeutic techniques for dealing with several conditions, including some eating disorders including bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, skin disorders. Introduction to NLP. Autosuggestion. Emile Coue the prophet of auto suggestion. Inner child. Inner child work.

MODULE 6                                                                      

Anxiety and stress. Stress management. Panic disorders. Unwanted habits, including smoking. Alcohol and drug abuse. Eating disorders. Nail biting. Phobias and fears. Allergies. Insomnia. Depression. Questionnaire for depression. Hypnosis for cancer patients. Resistance and how to work with it.

MODULE 7                                                                       

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.).  Enuresis. Blushing. PMT. Pre-menstrual tension script. Psycho-sexual problems including Impotence, Premature Ejaculation, Discomfort, Frigidity, Vaginism, Vulvadynia, Infertility problems. Abuse. Learning problems. Memory enhancement. Public speaking. Examination nerves. Enhanced sports and music performance

MODULE 8                                                                        

Automatic writing and drawing. The Meta model. The outcome frame. Hypnotherapy in pain control. Anaesthesia. Hypnotic pain control is covered in surgery, cancer, obstetrics and dentistry. Dealing with emotional pain (grief, bereavement) as a result of lost one. Perceptional Position and Dissociation. Matryoshka Induction.

MODULE 9                                                                        

The six principals of Analytical Hypnotherapy. Free association. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming (EMDR). Gestald therapy. The Milton model. Interpersonal technique. Pre-birth experience. Mind body therapy. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OSD), questionnaire for clients with OCD. Anger management. Dealing with insomnia, snoring. 


Setting up in practice and marketing skills. Code of practice. Future training requirement, registration with GHSC, insurance.



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